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Bellow are our approximate laundry service prices. Depending on the type of fabric fabric, level of damage, and custom work required adjustment to prices will be made. Rest assured that we offer competitive prices to meet your laundry and dry cleaning needs. 

Residential Wash and Fold Laundry

Wash and Fold Drop In / lb$1.65 & up
Wash and Fold Delivery / lb$1.95 & up
Same Day Rush LaundryCall

Commercial Wash and Fold Laundry

Commercial Laundry Wash and Fold / lb$1.65 & up
Wash and Fold Delivery / lb$1.95 & up
Commercial Towel Laundry ServiceCall

Launder and Press

Dress Shirt$3.95 & up
Dress Shirt Delicate$6.95 & up

Eco Dry Cleaning

Dress Shirt$3.95 & up
Dress Shirt Delicate$6.95 & up

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns$199.00 & up
Bridal Veil$50.00 & up
Prom Dress$28.00 & up


Pants Hem$15.00 & up
Dress Hem$18.00 & up
Pants Patch$15.00 & up
Skirts Hem$16.50 & up

Leather, Suede, Fur

Leather, Suede, FurCall

Household Items

Rugs / sq foot$2.25 & up
Comforter$20.00 & up
Sheets$25.00 & up
Pillow Cases$2.60 & up
Down Filled Duvet$30.00 & up
Table Clothes$22.00 & up


Laundry Bag$10.00
Laundry Detergent$5.00 & up
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our happy clients

Very helpful service!!
Kevin Cozma
Kevin Cozma
Great clean place with friendly staff and good machines. Faris was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Steven F
Steven F
Very well run laundromat with a range of washer sizes and fair pricing and policies. Wash & fold and self service is nice to have. Alterations are even offered. A little tight for space but designed with care to customers and flow. Mobile pay offered I’m yet to try but nice to see. All machines and shop maintained with care down to the retro magic “Laundry Bar” detergent dispenser keeping it fresh, trendy and tight.
Josh Nahmias
Josh Nahmias
They consistently do incredible work.
Rebecca D Young
Rebecca D Young
We believe this is the best laundry service and dry cleaning in town. Faras is consistent and reliable and we’re very grateful for his services!
Tamim Sujat
Tamim Sujat
Great wash & fold and dry cleaning service at competitive prices.
Annette G
Annette G
I had an extremely good customer experience here. I had never used a laundromat before and needed it unexpectedly during a holiday trip. The staff (or owner) patiently explained everything to me and provided guidance, not only at the location but also beforehand when I contacted them via Google with a few questions. I got responses nearly instantly. And when I afterwards noticed that I was missing an earring and contacted them again they got back to me more than once and searched the place for it. They really care for their customers, and I can only warmly recommend the place.
Paul Ewasuik
Paul Ewasuik
Great service, quality and great customer experience! 100% recommend to anyone!