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Pick Up and Delivery Laundry Service

Our Pick Up and Delivery service is the ultimate solution to take all the hassle out of the laundry. We will pick up your laundry and deliver it to your time at your convenience. You may not have the time to visit your nearest laundromat at Trendy Dry Cleaners, that’s where we come in. The last thing you want to do is taking your car or TTC subway and carry all the heavy laundry. Contact us and we will arrange to pick up your laundry and drop it off. Our value prices vary based on weight and location. Try the ultimate ease and freshness of our Pick Up and Delivery service at Trendy Dry Cleaners today.

Our Pick Up and Delivery Process

Schedule Pickup

Place your order by phone or email to schedule your time.

We Pick-Up

Our drivers will pick up your laundry to dry clean at our nearest laundromat.


We deliver your laundry at your doorstep anywhere in Toronto.

Trendy Dry Cleaners 7 Point Inspection

1. Drop Off

We examine items carefully for kind of fabrics, stains, loose threads, and more when your items are received.

2. Inspection

At your visit, we perform a detailed inspection to determine suitable treatment for each item.

3. Sorting

We organize items based on various factors including color, fabric, and cleaning needs.

4. Post Inspection

Before dry cleaning pressing, we inspect items once again.

5. Pressing

We examine items while they are pressed to make sure excellent standards are met.

6. Last Inspection

Final inspection is conducted before preparation and  assembly.

7. Assembly

We fold and hang your fabrics to prepare for delivery at your doorstep or pickup.

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